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current beer menu

We update our beer menu everyday, but please note: Sometimes, certain beers can sell out unexpectedly. We will do our best to keep this page accurate. 

Our Lightest
Lite Beer

available: cans & draft

ABV 4.2%     

The #1 question in our tasting room is “What’s your Lightest Lite Beer?” …Well friend…Our Lightest Lite Beer IS the lightest beer we make. Brewed with Corn for a smooth balanced lager! 

Lightest Light.jpg

Donot Drink
Donut Pastry Stout

available: cans & draft

ABV 6%                                   

We made a beer with Donuts!!! This Donut Pastry Stout has plenty of chocolate malt and vanilla to get you through the morning and the rest of the day!

Fleur de Lis
Biere de Garde
French Brown Ale

available: cans & draft

ABV  7.0%                       

This beautiful nut brown French Saison blends balanced toffee malt sweet flavors with walnut bitter dryness.


Cows Out
Milk Stout

available: cans & draft

ABV 5.2%.                                        

Our signature stout. This beer is black in the glass and topped with an inviting tan head. Aromas of coffee liqueur and dark fruits are followed by flavors of milk and bittersweet baker’s chocolate as well as notes of espresso.

Lovers Lane

available: bottles & draft

ABV 6.2%

Our annual (and beloved) Sweet Stout aged in Whiskey Barrels with vanilla and raspberries. YOU’LL LOVE IT ! 


Roll in the Hay
American IPA

available: cans & draft

ABV 6%.  

Our flagship American IPA is a beautiful showcase of American hops. Citrus and tropical fruits delight the senses as a mild bitterness and dry finish provide the perfect balance.

New England Woodsman

available: cans & draft

ABV 6%

Brewed with Citra & Azacca hops this Hazy New England IPA pours a beautiful pale yellow with a flavor profile of Cedar & Pineapple & Kiwi. 



available: cans & draft

ABV  8%                       

Flavors of Sweet Clementines and Spruce Hit your pallet up front with an expressive finish that is both Tropical & Floral.

Cranberry Seltzey

available: cans & draft

ABV  5.5%                       

Made with local dry tart cranberries from Clover Hill Farm (Hardwick) this one is just…yum! 

rasp cidey.jpg

Raspberry Cidey

available: draft only

ABV  6.5%                       

Fresh-pressed Massachusetts Apples & Raspberries! 

Mulled Cidey

available: cans & draft

ABV  6.5%                       

Semi-Sweet and Tart with just the right amount of spices…featuring local organic ginger! 


Tangerine Seltzey

available: cans & draft

ABV  5.5%                       

This Semi-sweet Hard Seltzey is so freakin’ good! Just the perfect amount of Tangerine juice! 

Santiago Sangria

available: cans & draft

ABV 5.6%

Fruited Sour Ale…fermented with red wine grapes, sweet & tart cherries, cinnamon, and orange peel. You may NEED to take some of this home with you!


Hop on the Wagon
hopped green tea

available: cans & draft

N/A Carbonated Green Tea Seltzer lightly hopped with locally grown Massachusetts Crystal Hops. 

Lemon Shandy

available: bottles only

ABV 5% 

Lemon Shandy Saison Aged in White Wine Barrels! 



available: cans & draft

ABV  5.7%                       

Brewed with southern hemisphere Vic Secret Hops…this resin-pineapple-passionfruit bomb is for hop lovers! Pours a hazy gold in the glass. 

Roan Inish
Irish Stout

available: cans & draft

ABV 5%.                                        

Our Dry Irish Stout (served on Nitro) is one of our FAVORITE beers of the year! So Dark…So Creamy! 

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