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current beer menu

We update our beer menu everyday, but please note: Sometimes, certain beers can sell out unexpectedly. We will do our best to keep this page accurate. 

Farmhouse Saison

available: cans only

ABV 5.0%  

Brewed with Sweet Orange Peel and Coriander…this is the original session beer of the Belgian countryside…with aromas of citrus zest, the finish is dry and refreshing making this beer the a perfect choice after a hard day’s work.


Cows Out
Milk Stout

available: draft and cans

ABV 5.2%.                                        

Our signature stout. This beer is black in the glass and topped with an inviting tan head. Aromas of coffee liqueur and dark fruits are followed by flavors of milk and bittersweet baker’s chocolate as well as notes of espresso.

Farmgirl Sour

available: draft and cans

ABV 5% Our original Sour (hopped with Massachusetts-grown hops)…with Hibiscus! 


Roll in the Hay
American IPA

available: draft and cans

ABV 6%.  

Our flagship American IPA is a beautiful showcase of American hops. Citrus and tropical fruits delight the senses as a mild bitterness and dry finish provide the perfect balance.


(Italian Pilsner

available: draft and cans

ABV 5% …a style gaining steady popularity domestically and abroad. This is a dry hopped pilsner…y’all (free your mind) 


Blueberry Seltzey

available: draft & cans

ABV 6% A Hard Seltzey brewed with locally grown Massachusetts Blueberries with a hint of Basil & Lemon! 

Feather in the Wind

available: draft & cans

ABV 6% Brewed with a copious amount of (the almighty) Amarillo Hops. This treat in a glass carries flavors of Citrus-Citrus (Orange-Grapefruit), yum! 


Roll in the Hayzzze

available: cans only

ABV  6%                       

Same grain & hop profile as our flagship (Roll in the Hay), but brewed in the New England's a Hayzzze Bomb! 


Kiwi Seltzey

available: cans only

ABV  6.5%                       

Our Newest Hard Seltzey brewed with New Zealand Kiwi fruit. 


Roan Inish
Irish Stout

available: cans & draft

ABV 5%.                                        

Our Dry Irish Stout (served on Nitro) is one of our FAVORITE beers of the year! So Dark…So Creamy!

Bono Loco

available: draft and cans

ABV 7% Brewed with juicy GALAXY HOPS from Australia, this beer is like biting into a ripe mandarin orange. Golden-hazy-delicious…this is what New England India Pale Ales are ALL about! 


Queen of the Lake

available: draft & cans

ABV 9% Brewed in honor of our very own Erin Stevens for all she does for us here on the farm…we couldn’t do all of this without you! Brewed with Mosaic, Citra, and Azacca Hops, this fluffy New England Double IPA has flavors of underripe mango, blueberries, sweet spruce and lemon rind…a little like eating a blueberry lemon cake with whipped cream under a spruce tree with a cool lake breeze!

Magic Moment

available: cans only

ABV 6%

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Citra & Mosaic Hops…all the way! 


Steppin' on Stones
(Single Hop IPA)

available: draft and cans

ABV 5.8% This pale yellow hazy NEIPA showcases Citra hops with flavors of sweet oranges and grapefruit right there in your mouth playing happily together on your tastebuds. 

(Light Lager)

available: cans only

ABV 4.4%

Brewed with top quality hops, barley and rice…this American classic lager has a fruity aroma with a light crisp mouthfeel and flavor. Hey Bud, this Farmweiser is for you!


Our Lightest Lite Beer
(Mexican Lager)

available: draft & cans

ABV 4.2% The #1 question in our tasting room is “What’s your Lightest Lite Beer?” …Well friend…Our Lightest Lite Beer IS the lightest beer we make. Brewed with Corn for a smooth balanced lager! 

Red Hill
Berliner Weisse

available: draft and cans

4.4%. A Traditional German Kettle Sour brewed with real raspberries…Refreshing as heck!


Rye of my eye

available: sold out...thank you! 

ABV 8%

Floral & Spicy Rye Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels…deliciously tart! 

All Nighter
(Coffee Porter)

available: cans and draft

ABV 6%.                                        

Brewed with Guatemalan Coffee…expertly roasted by Esselon Cafe in Hadley, MA. This is our first-ever Coffee Porter and it’s just lovely! 


Old Fashion
Organic Root Beer

available: sold out...thank you! (we'll make more soon)

ABV 0% Made right here…with all organic ingredients!

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