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We can be a busy place and we get asked a lot of the same questions everyday...

Here are some of our favorite Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Do you Allow dogs? 

A: We allow well behaved leashed dogs anywhere outside at the farm. Also, dogs are allowed to come into the tasting room and to order food at the barn kitchen before going back outside...that way, you can always get beer and something to eat during your visit. We just ask that you do not sit down with your pet inside the main barn. There are more than 100 tables outside for dining and during summer weekends, all Food & Beverage ordering can be done outside anyway at our BBQ and Beer Trailer so it's pretty much a non-issue! 


Q: Can I have my wedding and/or event at Stone Cow or the farm?

A: Sorry, but, No. We do not rent out our space. Picture this...if we did host your wedding/event, then we'd have to tell all of our awesome customers to go to some other brewery, but we want them to be here with us (and they know it) they'd probably just come anyway and totally crash your wedding/event and there you'd be...crying and realizing your mistake for hosting your event embarrassing in front of all your family and friends.

Q: Can I bring my own food? 

A: Nope...we are a full restaurant and usually people don't bring their own food to a restaurant ...Right? Right! Plus if you showed up with your own food it would make things super awkward and we would feel let's just order from our ever evolving and delicious menu shall we. We strive to serve the very best here (including vegetarian options) and when in season, we grow a vast majority of what we serve. It's a true farm-to-table experience! 

Q: Do you have gluten free alcoholic beverages? 

A: Yes, we've gotten into making Hard Seltzey and Cidey here. We rotate flavors quite often...and we love them as much as we do our beer! 

Q: Do I need a reservation? 

A: No reservations...just come! We are a first-come first-serve establishment and we like it that way. We just try to keep it all chill. 

Q: Are kids allowed? 

A: Yes! Always! Most of the staff here have young children and it is our vision to create a place that welcomes our own families and yours! 

Q: Are you open year-round? 

A: Yes! We are open Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun all year long. We run our indoor Barn Kitchen from Nov - May and our Outdoor BBQ from June - Oct. Our Ice Cream Stand is Open April to Oct. for ya', too! 

Q: Do you sell Raw Milk from your dairy? 

A: Yes! Our Raw Milk is always available when we are open (see home page for current hours) You can pick up milk either in our brewery taproom or farm store. If you want to buy more than 4 gallons we would appreciate an email (see contact tab) a couple days ahead so that we can be sure to bottle extra for you. 

Q: Do you sell Goat Milk

A: Nope...we don't have goats. If we did, we wouldn't call ourselves "Stone Cow," of course. We are a dairy farm with 200 cows (mostly holstein) ...always have, always will be. 

Q: Do you distribute your beer? 

A: Yes & No...we keep it all pretty exclusive. We distribute our kegs to only a handful of local restaurants/farms with taps. However, we do not sell our cans in liquor stores at all, because our soul is not fulfilled seeing our products on some store shelf. We'd rather have you visit us here and experience the farm and all we have to offer, including our stunning array of cans and bottle offerings. That way, you can have a pint (or two) and walk away with your favorite beer in!


Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes. We are a state of the art modern farm.


Q: Do you make non-alcoholic beer? 

A: Actually, we make something even better...non-alcoholic carbonated Hopped, its awesome!   

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