On Tap 8/28-31

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Farmer Phil’s Pils  

ABV 5.4%.                     ONLY AVAILABLE IN CANS TO GO             $16/4 pack (to go only)

A great German-style Pale Lager. This beer is a light golden color with a more slight bitterness or earthy taste than a traditional American Lager. Farmer Phil built the brewery and has dedicated his life to preserving local agriculture and our way of life here. Thanks Farmer Phil for all that you do!  

West Wind Kölsch 

ABV.                               $6/16oz.                                $16/4 pack (to go only)

Brewed as a homage to the signature beer style of Cologne, Germany, our Kolsch-style ale pours a bright golden with a fluffy white head. The yeast contributes to fruity aromatics and subtle flavors of withe grape, apple, and pear. A dry mineral finish contribute to a libationary experience for which drinkability rivals complexity. 


Oktober Fest

ABV 6.2%.                      $6/16oz                                 $16/4 pack (to go only)

This beer tastes like the fall season. A German style lager…this malty brown lager is the perfect festival beer for this time of year…at least it is for our Harvest Fest! Try it in a Stein for the complete experience! 



It Gose Beyond Beauty

ABV5%                       ONLY AVAILABLE IN CANS TO GO                      $16/4 pack (to-go only)

A traditional German sour beer brewed with sea salt and coriander, which imparts a light earthy, lemon thyme flair. It’ll leave you craving more.     

Fields of Fire Blueberry Sour

ABV 5.7%.                          $6/12oz.                          $16/4 pack (to-go only)

We love brewing with local ingredients!!! This Sour Ale is brewed with an insane amount of Tougas Family Farm blueberries and 100% locally grown hops from Northfield MA. It’s summer and now we can taste it. We only brew this sour once each year (at the end of Blueberry Season)



Can't Stop Wet Hop IPA

ABV 6.8%                            $7/16oz                             $17/4 pack (to-go only)
This special beer is only brewed once a year, wet hopped with hops grown and harvested on the farm, with the help of our customers. It has flavors of caramelized honey, white gummy bears and grass from the wet hopping process. 

Bono Loco Peach New England IPA

ABV7%.                              $7/16oz                            NOT AVAILABLE TO GO

Brewed with juicy GALAXY HOPS from Australia and tons of local peaches from Pinehill Farm in Colrain, this beer is like biting into a ripe peach. With an orange hazy color, this beer is our New England style offering here at the Stone Cow and we love it! In Latin, Bono Loco translates to GOOD PLACE and that’s what we’re all about…our farm and brewery is simply one of the best places to enjoy a fresh pint to quench your thirst…mind, body, and soul.

From the Woods IPA

ABV 5.7%                           $7/16oz                              $17/4 pack (to-go only)

Brewed with barley grown in Ireland, this IPA is hopped with an experimental hop variety from Yakima Valley, which impart a woody, earthy, and light herbal bitterness. 

Midnight is Where the Day Begins IPA

ABV 5.8%                           $7/16oz                               NOT AVAILABLE TO GO

Pale and hazy in appearance, this IPA is brewed with Massachusetts-grown Rakau hops, which imparts a lime-rind bitterness, slightly spicy in the nose that give way to a well balanced flavor profile of lime and tropical fruits.

Roll in the Hay IPA

6.0%.  16oz.                          $7/16oz                                  NOT AVAILABLE TO GO 

Our flagship American IPA…straw color and cloaked by a slight haze, this beer is a beautiful showcase of American hops. Citrus and tropical fruits delight the senses as a mild bitterness and dry finish provide the perfect balance. Enjoy on the patio as you overlook the pastures for the quintessential Stone Cow experience.

Granite Kiss DIPA

ABV 8.5%.                                $7/12oz.                               NOT AVAILABLE TO GO

Some call the moment when you smash your fingers while building a stone wall “The Granite Kiss.” Here, we’ve bowed our signature Double India Pale Ale to be a “heavy hitter” at 8.5% ABV with smooth pithy grapefruit flavors mixed with subtle underripe mango. Limit 2 per person per day.


Cows Out Milk Stout  

5.2%.                                        $6/16oz                                 $16/4 pack (to-go only)

Our signature stout. This beer is black in the glass and topped with an inviting tan head. Aromas of coffee liqueur ad dark fruits are followed by flavors of milk and bittersweet baker’s chocolate as well as notes of espresso. Clocking in at a smooth 5.2% ABV, this stout won’t weigh you down.


Gluten Free

Raspberry Apple Cidey- Our gluten free apple cidey, with tons of raspberry puree, for a fruity, dry, crisp cidey finish. 

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