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Farmweiser American Light Lager

ABV 4.4%                         $5/16oz                                $15/4 pack (to go only)

Our lightest beer! Brewed with top quality hops, barley and rice…this American classic lager has a fruity aroma with a light crisp mouthfeel and flavor. Hey Bud, try a Farmweiser!

West Wind Kölsch                                                         $16/4 pack (to go only)

Brewed as a homage to the signature beer style of Cologne, Germany, our Kolsch-style ale pours a bright golden with a fluffy white head. The yeast contributes to fruity aromatics and subtle flavors of withe grape, apple, and pear. A dry mineral finish contribute to a libationary experience for which drinkability rivals complexity. 


Cranberry Saison

ABV 5.7%                       $7/16oz                                $17/4 pack (to go only) 

One of our most popular seasonal releases of the year! We brewed this belgian style wheat beer with more than 200 pounds of real/local cranberries. This is our favorite ale for the holidays! 

Over the Sea to Sky Scotch Ale

ABV 7.2%                        $6/16oz                                 $16/4 pack (to go only)

Taking a sip of this dark red brown ambrosia is like stepping through the stones to a different time.  The sweet carmely malt flavor comes from the extra long boil required to manifest this Wee Heavy Pint.  We think Jamie would be proud of the sassenach who brewed it.



Farmgirl Peach Sour Ale

ABV 5.7%                           $6/12oz.                          $16/4 pack (to-go only)

This tart peach ale is brewed with a lot of local peaches from Pine Hill Orchards in Colrain, kettle soured to tart perfection. 

Love and Abundance Hibiscus Sour Ale

ABV 5.2%                            $6/12oz                          $16/4 pack (to-go only)

There are no such things as fear and scarcity, only Love and Abundance!  This vibrantly red sour beer is loaded with hibiscus flowers which taste both sweet and tart. Flavors in this beer remind us of cranberry and pomagranite.  A trip to Hawaii, even if only for a pint. 5.2%



Rye Hope Eye IPA

ABV  5.8%                            $7/16oz                            $17/4 Pack (to-go only)

A rye IPA with malty pumpernickel flavor, backed with slightly licorice spice taste and hopped with cascade and glacier hops. Lightly and pleasantly bitter, with citrus and woody flavors. 

New England Woodsman NEIPA

ABV 6%                               $7/16oz                             $17/4 Pack (to-go only)

This New England Pale ale is hazy as heck with a hop bite sharp as an ax.  We taste over ripe mangos and star fruit.  Bright aromas of pear come through in this thick golden beer. 

Roll in the Hay IPA

ABV 6.0%.  16oz.                          $7/16oz                                  $17/ 4 pack (to go only)

Our flagship American IPA…straw color and cloaked by a slight haze, this beer is a beautiful showcase of American hops. Citrus and tropical fruits delight the senses as a mild bitterness and dry finish provide the perfect balance. Enjoy on the patio as you overlook the pastures for the quintessential Stone Cow experience.

Dubby Caw DIPA

ABV 8.0%  12oz.                            $7/12oz                                  $17/4 pack (to go only)

We've been dying to share this juice bomb of a NE DIPA with you!  This "Dubby" is so fluffy it practically flies out of the glass.  Flavors of sweet clementines and spruce hit you up front, and finish with more a tropical and floral taste.  Crows symbolize change.  For us, 2020 has been a huge mirror that has allowed us to see the world clearly.  The crow is calling us to awaken our souls to our true purpose... to follow our life dreams.  We hear ya Dubby... we hear ya.



Cows Out Milk Stout  

ABV 5.2%.                                        $6/16oz                                 $16/4 pack (to-go only)

Our signature stout. This beer is black in the glass and topped with an inviting tan head. Aromas of coffee liqueur ad dark fruits are followed by flavors of milk and bittersweet baker’s chocolate as well as notes of espresso. Clocking in at a smooth 5.2% ABV, this stout won’t weigh you down.

Gluten Free

Dry-Hopped Apple Cidey

ABV   6.5%                                      $7/16oz                                $17/4 pack (to-go only) 

This Apple Cidey is dry (not sweet) and hoppy. Lightly hopped with Aurora hops, known for their marijuana like flavor and aroma.

Mulled Hard Apple Cidey

ABV 6.5%                                         $7/16oz.                      $17/ 4 pack (to go only)

Semi sweet hard cidey, made with mulling spices, cinnamon, and Massachusetts grown organic ginger. Tastes like the holidays. 

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