On Tap 8/1-2

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Farmweiser Light American Lager

4.4%     16oz.     $5                                          $15/4 pack (to-go only)

Our lightest beer! Brewed with top quality hops, barley and rice…this American classic lager has a fruity aroma with a light crisp mouthfeel and flavor. Hey Bud, try a Farmweiser! 


ABV5.2%                                   $6/16oz                             $16/4 pack (to-go only)

German wheat beer that gets the heft of its flavor from the traditional yeast that is used. Hazy yellow with round fruity flavors of banana, apple, and lemon. Finishing with a hint of clover spice. Great beer to drink if you’ve been chasing Heifers all day in the hot sun.  



It Gose Beyond Beauty

ABV5%                                $6/16oz                          $16/4 pack (to-go only)

A traditional German sour beer brewed with sea salt and coriander, which imparts a light earthy, lemon thyme flair. It’ll leave you craving more.     



Lordvale Pale Ale

ABV 5.7%.                          $6/16oz                              $16/4 pack (to-go only)

Brewed with Massachusetts-grown Cascade hops from Four Star Farms in Northfield, this beer has a light biscuity malt profile with the hops balancing it out with sweet lemon rind and herby verbena flavors. 

Over the Mountain…and Far Away Light IPA

ABV 5.0%.                           $7/16oz                                 $17/4 pack (to-go only)

Brewed with Mount Rainier hops from 4Star Massachusetts Hop Farm) and the famed Sabro hop giving this beer a flavor profile that reminds us of a cool mountain stream with flavors of earth and moss. Pours a beautiful hazy pale yellow. This beer is a departure from the usual citrusy/tropical fruited IPAs. This is one of our favorite beers here at “The Cow.” 

Light My Way IPA

ABV 6.0%.                            $7/16oz                              $17/4 pack (to-go only)

Brewed in the New England style, this beer contains Citra & Sultana hops, which lends itself toward a mango / pineapple mixed flavor profile. Hazy & Juicy

Bono Loco New England IPA

ABV 7%.                                        $7/16oz                               $17/4 pack (to-go only)

Brewed with juicy GALAXY HOPS from Australia, this beer is like biting into a ripe peach. With an orange hazy color, this beer is our New England style offering here at the Stone Cow and we love it! In Latin, Bono Loco translates to GOOD PLACE and that’s what we’re all about…our farm and brewery is simply one of the best places to enjoy a fresh pint to quench your thirst…mind, body, and soul.

Roll in the Hay IPA

6.0%.  16oz.                          $7/16oz                                  $17/4 pack (to-go only)

Our flagship American IPA…straw color and cloaked by a slight haze, this beer is a beautiful showcase of American hops. Citrus and tropical fruits delight the senses as a mild bitterness and dry finish provide the perfect balance. Enjoy on the patio as you overlook the pastures for the quintessential Stone Cow experience.


Cows Out Milk Stout  

5.2%.                                        $6/16oz                                 $16/4 pack (to-go only)

Our signature stout. This beer is black in the glass and topped with an inviting tan head. Aromas of coffee liqueur ad dark fruits are followed by flavors of milk and bittersweet baker’s chocolate as well as notes of espresso. Clocking in at a smooth 5.2% ABV, this stout won’t weigh you down.


Gluten Free

Apple Cidey 

5.4%                                           $7/16oz                                     $17/4 pack (to-go only)

Getting back to our New England heritage, this apple cidey is made with local apples, pressed to perfection. We hopped it with Citra hops to give it a slight bitterness with a tropical fruit balance. Cidey is naturally gluten-free!  



5.4%                                          $8/16 oz

Our hopped apple cidey frozen to slushy perfection. These are luck of the draw, our machine is small. If it says sold out, we do not currently have any available. Keep an eye out for when we add more. 

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